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The G-1 Flight Jacket: The Best Wingman You'll Ever Have

There’s only one jacket that’s guaranteed to not only keep you warm but make you look hot, and that’s the G-1.  A military piece that has survived wars and style changes, it’s one of the most badass and yet classic things you can wear.  Having one is like having your very own wingman. 

As we’ve come into the new year, we decided to start featuring all of our classic products.  Today, we’re diving into the history of the G-1 and how we’ve taken inspiration from it to develop our own model, available to be customized into the leather jacket you’ve always wanted.  

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As you probably guessed, the G-1 (like a lot of leather jackets) have their roots in military clothing, specifically in WWII. After the Air Force had success with their A-1 and A-2s (more on both of these later), which were made to keep their pilots warm, the Navy and Marines wanted to create their own version of it!  This made sense as back in those days, planes barely had insulation or heating, so layering up was the only way to not freeze. Looking cool wearing your flight jacket was simply a welcome by product. 

The first developed by the Navy was actually called the M-422, which was done around WWII as a compliment to the A-2s. It was later turned into the official G-1 in 1947 and was  widely used during the Korean War. The G-1 is so incredibly classic that it continues to be issued to USN airmen to this day, keeping pilots warm and badass as they fly around.

The overall look is pretty similar to the A-2s, being a single breasted zip leather jacket with ribbing on the cuffs and hem.  However, the small details are where it gets fun! The most noteworthy difference is the shearling collar.  This is what makes a G-2 a G-2, providing warmth and great texture to an already badass jacket.  As a contrast to the A-2, the hip pockets feature button-flaps and the zipper lacks a wind flap, making it look a bit more symmetrical when worn open.  They also added in a bi-swing back and half belt for maximum movement.  

It really is no surprise that anyone who puts one on instantly looks great.  It already evokes a rugged image due to its military heritage and wearing it gives you a piece of that same flair. Just look at how sharp those Navy guys look in their jackets! It’s no wonder that there’s a charm to those old photographs.  Some of them even took to adorning their jackets with patches and illustrations, to give it some extra character; vintage ones with those decorations often go for a lot of money. 

Eventually these men brought it home and wore it with their civilian wear, being a smart match for their tailored trousers with ties or even sportshirts and denims.  The G-1, and leather jackets in general, have come to define American casual wear in that sense.